Homestead Summit 2024

Empowering your self-sufficient journey! Dive into raising livestock, gardening, off-grid living, homestead income and homeschooling!

  • 4 Days of NEW Trainings
  • February 19th - 26th
  • 17 Speakers | 20+ Trainings
  • Invites to zoom workshops with Q&A
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Four Days of Learning


Chickens, Meat Birds, Ducks, Goats, Cows

Start your backyard farm! Everything you need to know about raising chicks, keeping chickens and caring for your flock. Plus, how to raise ducks and dairy goats.


Gardening and Growing Your Own Food

Discover indoor and outdoor gardening techniques! Understand seed starting, planning and planting, choosing the best location, working with limited space and vertical gardening.


Off-Grid Living & Financing

Embrace the dream of owning land to build or expand your homestead! Everything you need to know for off-grid living to realize your homesteading vision sooner and with ease.


Homestead Income & Homeschooling

Build a business from your homestead and online to create financial relief, stability and prosperity. Embrace traditional business practices and using social media. Explore innovative ways to teach and learn as a family, blending homesteading wisdom with homeschooling freedom. Paving your children's path for lifelong learning.

Summit Schedule

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DAY 1 | MON FEB 19

Raising Livestock

Learn about raising chickens for eggs and meat, ducks, dairy goats and cows. Gain insights on what you need to know about livestock, breeds, health and safety.

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Cultivating Your Green Thumb

Explore the world of gardening and growing your own food from seed starting to growing microgreens, transplanting, location and trellis gardening.

DAY 3 | WED FEB 21

Off-Grid Living & Financing

Embrace your homestead dreams to be fully of the grid and self sufficient. Learn how to start with financing land, setting up utilities, infrastructure and more!


Homestead Income & Homeschool

Learn how to create a sustainable and full time income right from your homestead. Teach your kids homesteading while homeschooling!


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Live Q&As Feb 19-22

8:30pm ET / 5:30pm PT

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Meet the Speakers!

Day 1: Chickens, Meat Birds, Ducks, Goats, Cows

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Hafsa Saleem @homesteadhafsa (Host)

A poultry enthusiast with hundreds of chickens in Virginia, Hafsa takes you into the world of keeping backyard chickens for eggs. She shares her setup and guides you through the essential steps of starting your flock, plus how to care for them at different stages of growth. Learn the key things to know as a chicken keeper including feed, care, health and safety.

Katelyn & Matt Moore @farmingwiththemoores

Meet Katelyn and Matt from Alabama, a dynamic homesteading duo, are thrilled to guide you on how to start raising meat birds. Full-time homesteaders, homeschoolers, and homemakers, they bring a wealth of experience to share, from setting up your poultry to the ins and outs of processing. Join them for a comprehensive session on balancing family life while cultivating a thriving homestead.

Lacie Evans @laciemevans

Join Lacie from Ohio, a cattlewoman owner, who has a heart as big as her herd. Growing up immersed in agriculture, her love for cows began at a young age. In her session, Lacie will share the basics on raising beef cows, drawing from a lifetime of learning and living with these gentle giants.

Annette Thurmon @azurefarm

Quack into homesteading with raising ducks, from ducklings to fully grown. Annette will share with you a piece of her country life in Georgia and the joy of having ducks. Learn steps to take with keeping ducks as they have very different needs and set up from chickens. Gain insights on their proper care, diet and suitable enclosures for your feathered friends.

Karen Fieri

Step into the world of raising dairy goats with Karen as your guide, offering an intimate glimpse into her daily routine of nurturing her Nigerian Dwarf goats on their farm in San Diego, CA. Karen's comprehensive expertise covers important aspects from building the best shelter for your goats, feeding them a balanced diet, managing supplements and minerals, administering vaccines and overseeing breeding and pregnancy.

Day 2: Gardening & Growing Your Own Food

Jolene Wainwright @oursanctuarygarden

Meet Jolene Wainwright, your guide to the flourishing world of organic and regenerative gardening. Jolene lives and gardens in Western Washington and is a certified Master Gardener with a fervent commitment to cultivating green spaces that thrive. Join her in a presentation where she unveils the secrets to unlocking the full potential of your garden in just 4 simple steps. You don’t need much space to have an abundant garden!

Amber Benge @gracewalkfarm

Learn from Amber, a homesteader from North Carolina. She is on a mission to help you win the battle against pests in your garden! Alongside her husband, Amber not only grows enough food to sustain their family but has also turned her passion into a thriving business. Join Amber to discover her secrets on keeping your garden pest-free while enjoying a bountiful harvest.

Natalie Bogwalker @wildabundance

Natalie Bogwalker is the founder and director of Wild Abundance, a DIY skills education center in North Carolina that hosts workshops in carpentry, tiny homes, and all sorts of homesteading skills. In this lesson from their comprehensive Online Gardening School, Natalie and co-instructor Chloe Lieberman walk you through the most important tools for gardening and show you how and when to use them. You'll get tips on sourcing quality tools affordably and keeping them in great condition for decades to come!

Laura Patterson @handgrowngreens

Enter the world of microgreens with Laura, a nurse turned farmer in the PNW and proud mama of three. Learn how to grow indoors and in a small space, to growing a variety of shoots including pea, sunflower, radish, micro broccoli and micro kale. Gain insights on the art of precise harvesting, their nutrition, flavor and secrets to cultivating these mini powerhouses.

Natalie Argo @heyyitsagoodlife

Discover the power of composting with Natalie on her homestead in southern California. Learn how to start a worm farm for building a thriving garden and even in limited spaces. Transform kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich soil with the help of these little creatures. Build a healthy garden through Natalie's expertise in worm farming.

Day 3: Buying Land, Off-Grid Living & Self Builds

Zani Sunshine @offgridhomesteadfam

Explore off-grid living with Zani, who along with her family moved to 25 acres of bare land in Northern New Mexico. From scratch they have created a self sustainable and remote haven. Learn vital infrastructure setup including water sourcing via a dug well, sewage management with a septic system, harnessing solar for electricity and how to stay warm and cozy.

Jaymie Friesen @livingtheoffgriddream

Jaymie went from $40k in debt and filing for bankruptcy to finding creative methods to raise capital to buy affordable land and turn it into a cash generating asset. He has built a global community establishing retreat centres, regenerative farms, homesteads and communities. Helping over 5000 people in 22 countries to escape the rat race and live their off-grid dream.

Anna French & Ryan Thompson @spintheglobeproject

Join Anna and Ryan, who lived off-grid in Colorado. Gain insights on navigating the challenges of securing mortgages for existing off-grid properties from their own experience. Learn tips on water collection, storage, and preventing water from freezing in the winter. Explore their power sources including solar and battery for sustainable living.

Day 4: Homestead Income & Homeschool

Mona Weathers @farmer_mona

Meet Mona, a seasoned homesteader from Georgia who has spent over two decades honing practical and creative ways to generate income from her homestead. In this training, Mona is excited to share her wealth of experience, guiding you through the diverse streams of income that can be cultivated on your own homestead.

Hafsa Saleem @itshafsasaleem (Host)

Hafsa blends her homestead passion with 15 years of online marketing experience. With her years as a business owner and training thousands on how to build an online business, she's an expert at helping others. Learn her strategies for creating a significant full-time income from Instagram which supports her, her husband and their dream homestead life.

Mandy Davis @homebuilteducation

Make the transition to homeschool with ease and confidence with Mandy Davis, author of A Matter of Principal, former school principal turned homeschooler and founder of Homebuilt Education. Discover ways to simplify your schedule and craft routines that support your family and lifestyle. Leave behind the fear that you can't and gain the confidence you need to start your homeschool journey, today!

Amber Benge @gracewalkfarm

Discover homeschooling from the basics with Amber, a seasoned homesteader with and homeschool mom with 13 years of experience. In her class "Homeschooling for Beginners," she'll navigate the technical side, helping you understand your state's laws, choose your homeschool style (from classical to unschooling), pick the right curriculum and create a routine.

Tiffany Noone @fernwoodsfarm

Tiffany is a dedicated homemaker in Maryland, full-time homeschool mom and passionate homesteader. She is leading the way with a unique blend of homestead-inspired homeschooling. Explore the benefits of homeschooling into a medley of educational philosophies including unschooling, Charlotte Mason and Montessori, seamlessly integrating life skills into education.

Meet Your Host:

Hafsa Saleem

@homesteadhafsa @itshafsasaleem

From childhood, Hafsa embraced gardening, food preservation and DIY projects she learned from her grandmother. Despite growing up near New York City, she found peace in the outdoors and around animals.

In college Hafsa worked on her campus farm with 1,000+ animals including horses, cows, goats, sheep, pigs, ducks and chickens. Post graduation, she built a successful marketing business with her husband for a decade with thousands of representatives and customers.

A turning point came when her mom passed from cancer on Mother's Day 2018. It reinforced urgency of pursuing her passions and healthier quality of life. She and her husband moved off-grid to a cabin in Virginia and are now on a backyard farm with hundreds of animals.

Through social media Hafsa has inspired millions to explore self-sustainability. She has authored an e-book and course "Eggcited for Chickens" and social media business courses. Hafsa has now combined her entrepreneurial background and homestead passion to bring you the Homestead Summit virtual event!

Bring your homestead dreams to life with diverse expertise.